WooferBot is fully customizable interactive mascot for streamers,
designed to be used as Browser Source within broadcasting software.
  • Follow
  • Bits
  • New Chatter
  • Raid
  • Host/Autohost
  • Sub/Resub
  • Sub gift/Anonymous sub gift
  • Greeting new chatters
  • Create custom timers
  • Create custom commands
  • Execute scripts or hotkeys to interact with other software
  • Create custom greeting for individual viewers
  • Create custom sub notification for different sub lengths, ranges and tiers
  • Create custom bit notification for different bit amounts or ranges
  • Shoutout
  • Lurk/Back
  • Optional Chatbot, can use secondary account to reply in chat
  • Fully customizable replies
  • Watch file for changes, use its content for notification
  • Can pick from multiple replies for better diversity
  • Each type of bot interaction can be disabled individually
  • Supports animated mascots
  • Philips Hue
  • Yeelight
  • Nanoleaf
ABOUT WOOFERBOT Multiple mascots are available immediately, or you can draw and create your own mascot. Animated mascots are fully supported.
Light effects for alerts are also available for streamers with webcams.
Currently supporting Nanoleaf, Philips Hue and Yeelight.
Supported OS:
Supported platforms:

Having trouble? Check out
our documentation or contact us on
discord and we'll help you sort it out.

Best of all, Wooferbot is entirely free!